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Johanna DeVryer MD

Board Certified Internist

My Areas of Expertise:

chronic pain, weightloss, Nutrition, Supplements, fitness, Peptides, internal medicine, bioidentical hormones, Alternative Therapy, thyroid therapy, metabolic medicine, regenerative medicine, anti-aging, PRP, prp injections, preventative wellness, BHRT, pellet therapy, gut health, preventative medicine, functional medicine, IV Therapy, nutrition

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Westchase, FL, USA

Dr. Johanna deVryer received both her undergraduate and Medical Degree in Internal Medicine from Northwestern University’s School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois. After an internship encompassing surgery, obstetrics, and emergency room (ER) care in Philadelphia, she completed her residency and began practicing in the Pittsburgh area.
Born and raised in the Chicago area, deVryer moved to Tampa in 1996 with her two children. She enjoys spending time with her family, bicycling, and challenging herself in other outdoor activities. Through her own struggles with weight, she has gained empathy and passion for helping others lose weight and become healthier and more energetic versions of themselves. Through weight loss and age management Dr. deVryer strives to help patients improve their health and prevent disease.

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