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Gunther Mueller

Optimal Health Strategist

My Areas of Expertise:

nutrition, optimal lifestyle coach

Contact Information
Arizona, USA

Having worked closely with over 250 medical professionals across the country for almost a decade, Gunther has a unique perspective and understanding of the strategies and therapies leading towards Optimal Health. Being the inspiring catalyst for both Practitioners and Patients to take charge their own Health Destinies through evidence-based medical treatments and services is a rewarding experience every day.

Since founding Vibrant Health Gurus and Hosting its radio show & podcast, he has many opportunities to share his message of Feeling Young, Healthy, and Vibrant Again… both domestically and internationally. The body has the innate intelligence to heal itself, and we just need to give it the raw materials it needs to do so. Enjoy the Journey of Discovery here on My Wellness by Nature. Email me at

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