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Farzan Rajput MD, FACC, FSCCT

Board Certified Cardiologist

My Areas of Expertise:

cardiology, PULS Test Provider

Contact Information
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Dr. Farzan Rajput is a board certified cardiologist with specialties in Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiovascular CT. He is one of the few cardiologists in the United States with a focus on prevention and advanced training, expertise, and experience in echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and cardiac CT and MRI.

Dr. Rajput has been practicing cardiology in Newport Beach and Irvine since 2006. He was Director of Cardiac CT and MRI at Pacific Coast Cardiology/Pacific Coast Imaging until January, 2010, and he served as Physician Advisor for Cardiac Imaging at Hoag Hospital. He is affiliated Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and Irvine. He specializes in prevention and early detection of cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Rajput states “The sooner I can find it, the easier it is to treat it.”

Dr. Rajput is also the proud father of 16-year-old daughter, Sophia, a budding tennis pro who enjoys beating her dad at tennis.

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