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I started my journey into medicine while in middle school after my family adopted a child with significant mental and physical handicaps. Though the illnesses seemed unfair, it caused me to think a lot about health and the human body from a young age. This experience also exposed me to teams of compassionate and caring healthcare providers who would inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare.

I obtained a Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice in 2016. My degree continues to evolve into a lifelong passion for meeting people where they are and striving to care for the whole person. I listen carefully and keep listening — year in and year out, that's what I promise everyone that comes into contact with me. I understand that in medicine relationships matter that why I want to know you by name and know you by heart.

I practice Integrative Medicine and spend a lot of time and effort into helping my patient's with their weight loss journey.

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Robbie Robinson, DNP, APRN

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