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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center of Central California

Our mission is to offer a safe harbor for healing in a state-of-the-art Wellness Center, providing extraordinary care, through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Our primary focus is overall wellbeing and quality of life for our patients and their families.

Our Values

Respect for our patients, co-workers, and partners Patient Advocacy through education, understanding and compassion Quality Care for every patient Honesty & Integrity of every staff member Safety for our patient’s security and comfort Commitment to Excellence in what we do and how we do it

All of our services are provided in a relaxed, private setting by technicians under the supervision of the doctor who participates in each patient plan of care, from simple daily interactions to doctor-to-doctor interactions. Because Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center is a free-standing facility, we have the opportunity to see a spectrum of conditions that may be improved by HBOT including, but not limited to autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, spinal cord injury, near drowning, fibromyalgia, migraines, sports injuries, pre and post cosmetic surgery, as well as non-healing wounds, radiation injury, and carbon monoxide poisoning.


Hill Chiropractic believes in treating the whole person. This means that we provide a comfortable, friendly environment in which you will receive personal attention from our staff with the goal of returning you to a natural state of good health.

We promote wellness by treating and preventing the cause of problems, not just the symptoms. And, we provide a variety of alternative therapies for chronic problems that are not available in traditional medicine, giving you more of a role in improving the quality of your life. We believe that a healthier body and a more positive personal outlook are two parts of the same thing – a strong, happier, more productive you.

We believe that through our matrix of therapies we can heal the chronic pain that modern life imposes through stress and injuries and illness. Our dedicated, friendly, professional staff helps improve your quality of life

  • By helping you recognize the relationship that exists between lifestyle, environment, and health.

  • By focusing on your recuperative abilities through therapy rather than surgery and drugs.

  • By understanding and treating the underlying causes of illness and pain, not just their symptoms.

  • By creating a positive atmosphere for healing which is patient-centered, and by using a variety of emerging, alternative therapies that strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.


Jeffrey Anderson, DC

3609 Oakdale Rd. Ste. 5 Modesto, CA. 95357

Phone: 209-551-8888


Jeffrey Anderson DC

Jeffrey Anderson DC

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