Immune Support Bundle: 2 Month Supply

$154.75 Regular Price
$119.95Sale Price

TWO MONTH SUPPLY: Bundle these 3 products and save! 

2x Belly Buddies (Probiotics) Reg. Price: $24.95 each

1x ADK10 (Vitamin D 10,000iu) Reg. Price: $29.95 each

2x Omega30 Reg. Price: $39.95 each

What's In Belly Buddies

A probiotic or “good bacteria” is essential to overall health. With 70% of the body’s immune system located in the intestines, it is very important to maintain proper function of this organ. Common Sense Supplements uses a proprietary capsule technology that places bacteria in a protective barrier that will not break down in the harsh stomach acid before it reaches the intestines. This allows most of these beneficial organisms to pass through to the intestines and carry out their 4 major functions, which are: 

  • Support a healthy immune response
  • Aid in digestion
  • Help with elimination of waste
  • Aid in absorption of nutrients (especially B vitamins)


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