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Self-Care Challenge: A Plan for 7 Days of Self-Kindness

These days, it's very easy to take care of everyone else in your life except yourself. When you think about it though, its just as important to take care of you can take better care of your loved ones!

I challenge you to do something each day FOR YOU.

Here's an example of simple things to do each day:

SATURDAY: Tech Detox + Create Something

  • Put your phone, laptop and TV away

  • Take time to write in your journal or read a book

  • Find a DIY Craft and have fun creating something new

SUNDAY: Eat Well & Nourish Your Body

  • Sip on hot water with lemon or your favorite warm tea

  • Bake a healthy treat: Here's a great recipe

  • Set the tone for your week by planning your meals

MONDAY: Create a Nighttime Routine to Catch more zZZ's

  • Meditate for 30 minutes before bed

  • Sip on a warm beverage

  • Take a relaxing bubble bath

TUESDAY: Move Your Body

  • Find a Yoga Class to attend, in-person or online

  • Take a long walk outside

  • Work on your backyard or garden

WEDNESDAY: Pamper Yourself

  • Go to a spa, or get a massage

  • Get a manicure or pedicure, or do your own!

  • Make a DIY Face Mask or use your favorite one

THURSDAY: Treat Yo' Self

  • Eat your favorite dessert

  • Enjoy a glass of red wine

  • Bake a new treat

FRIDAY: Get Social

  • Facetime Your friends and family

  • Go out to a restaurant or dine in on Zoom

  • Reconnect with old friends online


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