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How to Spot a Thyroid Disorder

The thyroid makes hormones that travel through your bloodstream and regulate how your body breaks down food and uses it for energy. It is part of the endocrine system, which includes the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thymus, pineal gland, testes, ovaries, adrenal glands, parathyroid and pancreas.

What does the thyroid do?
Age Rejuvenation specializes treating Thyroid Disorders


The thyroid secretes hormones that help regulate:

  • brain development and function

  • eyes

  • heart

  • skin and hair

  • weight/metabolism

  • intestine function

The thyroid is governed by the pituitary (called the “master gland”), a pea-sized organ located at the base of the brain.


The Pituitary gland checks amount of thyroid hormone in blood and tells the thyroid to make more or less hormones so there's always a balanced amount. The thyroid uses iodine (mainly from seafood and dairy products) to make the thyroid hormone; iodine is absorbed through intestine into bloodstream, then makes its way to thyroid.

Thyroid disorders occur when something goes wrong with the process, and too much or too little thyroid hormone is produced. These disorders frequently run in families, and are more common in women.

Hyperthyroidism = Overactive thyroid

The symptoms associated with an overactive thyroid are commonly:

✓ Increased bowel movements

✓ Increased sweating

✓ Weight loss

✓ Irritability

✓ Fatigue

✓ Vision problems

✓ Irregular menstruation (light)

✓ Anxiety/ nervousness

Hypothyroidism = Underactive thyroid

The symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid are commonly:

✓ Constipation

✓ Intolerance to cold

✓ Weight gain

✓ Dry skin, dry hair

✓ Irregular menstruation (heavy)

✓ Fatigue

Thyroid regulates many important body systems
The Thyroid Regulates many important functions in the body.

What Can you Do to Support Your Thyroid Balance?

✓ Eat a balanced diet

✓ Get enough sleep and exercise

✓ Get your hormone levels checked by a hormone specialist

How are Thyroid Disorders Typically Treated?

Following a simple blood test, your provider will identify whether your thyroid is producing healthy levels, or if it is producing to much or too little. Many providers prescribe oral thyroid medicine that is taken daily. Your provider may also recommend additional therapies to support your wellness including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

If you're experiencing symptoms of thyroid disorders, it's important that you visit a medical provider that is a hormone specialist.

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