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How Hormone Imbalance Affects Anxiety Levels

Each year, an alarming number of new anxiety cases grows. We live in a social media-influenced culture where all we see is the "perfection" of other people's lives.

In turn, it makes it exceptionally easy to compare ourselves to others and ultimately end up stressed and anxious when we can't meet the unrealistic expectation of perfect. However, for many adults, these feelings can be brought on from a hormonal imbalance.

Is Anxiety a Chemical Imbalance?

Anxiety disorders are certainly linked to chemical imbalances in the body. In fact, hormone imbalances can actually reduce or increase your levels of anxiety.

Progesterone & Estrogen

These two hormones play a vital role in your emotions. Higher levels of estrogen often equal higher levels of serotonin which makes you happy. Progesterone, on the other hand, stimulates the part of your brain responsible for fight or flight responses. When too much progesterone is present this could make you feel super-stressed, and maybe even a little depressed.

Stress Hormones

For some people, their levels of stress can greatly affect their anxiety & mood. These cases indicate a high level of cortisol. These hormones help our bodies deal with danger however, when you put yourself under massive amounts of stress, it can cause your body to release more of these hormones than you need. If this cycle continues you can be left with anxiety!

Thyroid Hormones

Have you been having an alarming number of panic attacks lately? The culprit for this could be your thyroid. These hormones play a significant role in anxiety- more specifically your thyroid-stimulating hormone (often called TSH) levels directly correlate with the severity of panic attacks. More often than not, anxiety-related disorders can be linked to an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). However, an underactive thyroid can be linked to depression (hypothyroidism).

You don't have to keep living like this!

The good news here is that there is hope! Studies have shown how bioidentical optimization therapy can help to balance these hormones and manage symptoms associated with anxiety.

Try SottoPelle's FREE hormone self-assessment quiz to find out if bioidentical optimization may be right for you!

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