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Everyone Should Know Their Testosterone Numbers. Here's Why.

Could you be low in Testosterone? Your emotions can give you a clue.

Has Your Interest in Sex Declined?

Suddenly, your pre-adolescent hobbies — like carpentry and cars — seem a lot more interesting than having some "intimate time" with your partner....or even yourself. If your libido is low, your testosterone levels could be the culprit.

Are You Constantly Feeling Annoyed and Irritable?

Of course, the world is full of annoyances...and these days, the annoyances seem to have more merit than ever due to politics, news and tension.

A significant number of people are feeling extra stressed and anxious due to politics and the pandemic- 7 in 10 American adults feel stressed by either COVID-19 or the economy.

BUT, if you feel like your patience is near non-existent and you're constantly annoyed more than you used to be, it could have something to do with LOW TESTOSTERONE.
Has your wife nicknamed you her“grumpy old man?" This common symptom that happens when aging can be exacerbated by dips in testosterone.

So, if you’re barking at the kids or blowing up at the grocery store worker might want to consider blaming your low T.

Do you feel sad, depressed, or tired?

Low T affects more than you may realize, including your motivation to workout or, really do anything more than watch TV. If nothing feels worthwhile anymore, it could be because you don’t have enough T to fire up your enthusiasm. Testosterone also affects your body composition, so unbalanced hormones can make you lose muscle mass and gain fat, which in turn affects your metabolism.

Is it harder to the do things you used to love to do, like biking, hitting the gym hard or jogging?

A slow metabolism makes it harder to do physical activities, and that, in turn, affects your mood.

How can you break this vicious cycle? Rebalancing your testosterone levels may be the ticket.

Are You Experiencing Brain Fog? Trouble focusing?

Testosterone is important for brain health, too. If you feel like you’re walking around in a mental fog and have trouble concentrating, you may be deficient in T.

Low T … or something else?

Although testosterone affects your mood, it’s not the only hormone that does. Find a SottoPelle Therapy Provider near you to get a complete blood panel and find out what’s affecting your wellness and quality of life.

The right hormone specialist will work with you to balance your hormones and get you back to feeling healthier, happier and motivated in life again.

In addition to balancing your hormones, they may recommend additional measures to restore your quality of life and increase your wellness, including

  • Changing to a whole-foods diet

  • Cutting down on carbs and increasing healthy fats

  • Getting more regular exercise

  • De-stressing through meditation and mindfulness

You don't have to put up with all the symptoms that come from low testosterone. Get on the path feeling better, happier and healthier with the right balance of wellness.

Get started by visiting a SottoPelle Provider near you!


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