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Does Healthy Cholesterol Mean a Healthy Heart? NO! Here's the Blood Test Everyone Should Have.

The Ground-Breaking research behind the PULS Cardiac test is now enabling doctors and patients to detect their risk of suffering a heart attack within their next five years. The PULS Test measures the #1 Cause of Heart Attacks and provides the knowledge to make lifestyle changes and get additional vital tests that saves lives.

Did you know that...

50% of Cardiac victims have "NORMAL" cholesterol levels?

and another sobering fact:

2/3 of Cardiac victims PASS their Stress Test.

PULS Cardiac Test Should be the Next Standard of Care for Healthcare

The problem with standard testing including Stress Tests, Plaque Tests and Cholesterol Levels is that these simply do not measure or detect the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF HEART ATTACK. The PULS Test is the ONLY blood test that measures and detects endothelial damage which is what causes the majority of heart attacks.

Patients who have the PULS test are given a true picture of their cardiac health, including risk assessment and needed lifestyle modifications. The PULS Cardiac Test is also an important and useful tool for Physicians to provide better care for patients.

Ask your doctor for the PULS Cardiac Test. If your provider isn't currently offering the PULS Cardiac Test, click here to request a test.

Want to learn more about this test? View Our Featured Partner Page for PULS


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