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Giselle Aguiar Barquie


My Areas of Expertise:

functional medicine, preventative medicine, preventative wellness, BHRT, pellet therapy, age rejuvenation, IV therapy, nutrition, weightloss, Nutrition, PRP, thyroid therapy, Immunity Boost, regenerative medicine, gut health, Alternative Therapy, bioidentical hormones, prp injections, anti-aging, Peptides

Contact Information

Giselle Aguiar Barquie is originally from Cuba. She relocated to the US with her family, at the age of 17. She earned her first Bachelors Degree in Psychology (BS) from the University of Utah, then a second Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN) and a Masters Degree in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN, APRN) from the University of Miami. She was then Board Certified by the ANCC.

Giselle’s work experience includes Primary Care, Aesthetics, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Women’s Health. As a provider her number one goal is to create a trusting and collaborative relationship with her patients in order to find the best treatment options for them. The medical field is ever-changing and she understands that Functional Medicine will play an important role in the way we approach health problems today. Her goal is to help her patients be the best possible version of themselves.

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